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We tailored analytics services for  businesses in need.

            Who we are.

We are a company that assists businesses in data analytics to make better decisions regarding their sales and customers. Data Analytics is a procedure of inspecting, examining, and evaluating data to find helpful information to help a business grow better.


Benefits for Wholesale Businesses

Our service is beneficial for all wholesale businesses. Use this service for clients segmentation and analyze which products are most in-demand. We also provide you with benefits to grow your business through various analytics outcomes as follow:

  Run better products promotions.

   Set up a remarkable marketing campaign. 

  Identify purchase behavior for future marketing strategies.

  Identify bulk purchases of products that increase products sold.

  Minimize forecast errors and allow you to have manufacture expenditure under control.

Through this analysis, you can identify who the right customers and retailers are, which would, in return, increase

your sales.


Benefits for Retails

For the businesses with difficulty identifying the right customer group to perform better segmentation, then Numbersbright is the answer. We specify which customer belongs to which buyer group through our assistance to categorize your customers and products most liked.

This analysis helps you to:

  Better target the market identification.

  Review your segment needs.

  Determine the way to attract new customers.

  Identify high or low customer performance.

  Identify customers' affinity products needs.

  Forecast the most accurate revenue

Numbersbright gives you the best data analytics that satisfies your company's growth.

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Benefits for Service-Sector

You own a service-based business such as real estate, mobile provider, or any business service. However, it may be hard to find the right customer segment based on intangible products served. Also, satisfying customers' needs, wants, and preferences are not always easy to find. Numbersbright helps your company identify product and customers segment and increase revenue growth with precision through this analysis.

  Better aggregation of customers with similar wants, needs, and preferences

   Improve the market products grid.

   Easy way to name your segment.

  Identify your services expectations behavior.

   Create subgroups that apply marketing mix for each of them.

   Forecast the revenue according to customers preferences, product purchase behavior, and the relationship between customers-product perception.

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Something else: other Services We Provide

Suppose your demand in terms of services does not fit into those we serve. In that case, we conduct specific analyses in supervising and Unsupervised learning to fulfill all analytics growth market demand as follow:

Supervised Learning: It performs to identify classification and regression issues.

Unsupervised Learning: It performs for principal component analysis, estimation of the covariance, and any clustering.

Model Selection and Evaluation: It performs to identify metric and scoring, cross-validation, and validation curve.

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